To give the best Pharmaceutical Service to all patients and other health care provider by well trained and highly professional officers in a good and friendly environment.


Standard of Service: Pharmaceutical care is being rendered to patients of all age by making sure the right patients collects the right drug in the right dose and dosage form. Patients are properly counselled on drug use. A patient centered care is offered to patients. Eligibility: Patients of all ages


Standard of Service: Free Sulphadoxine Pyrimethamine (single dose antimalarial) is dispensed to pregnant women as malarial Prophylaxis in pregnancy. Eligibility: Pregnant Women.


Standard of Service: General drug management is done in the Pharmacy department to ensure that essential drugs are available in the hospital at all time and the drugs do not expire on our shelves. Also we ensure that effective drugs are supplied to the hospital. Eligibility: All age range


Standard of Service: SDRF (Sustainable Drug Revolving Fund) drugs are dispensed to patients after appropriate payment have been made. The dispensing procedures includes: (a) review of prescription for necessary interventions to be taken. (b) costing of the prescription by Pharmacist. (c) Filing of prescription by Pharmacy Technician. (d). Counseling and dispensing of drugs to the patients by Pharmacists. This dispensing procedures holds for all age range of patients. Waiting time is 7mins. Eligibility: 13 yrs – 15yrs.

Standard of Service: Free drugs are dispensed to patients between 0 – 12yrs. Essential drugs are dispensed to this age range in accordance with Lagos State Government free Health Policy. Eligibility: 0-12yrs.

Standard of Service: Free drugs are also dispensed to the elderly patients that are 60 years and above. Eligibility: 60yrs and above.

Standard of Service: Lagos State Staff are given half exemptions on drugs. Their spouses and three dependents below 18 year are also offered free drugs. Eligibility: Lagos State Staff


Standard of Service: Anti retrovirals and anti TB drugs are dispensed to HIV positive patients immediately they are confirmed to be HIV positive. Also refills are made for old HIV positive patients. Antiretrovirals are also dispensed to patients that are exposed to the virus through occupational hazard, rape e.t.c. Newborns of HIV positive mothers are being given antiretroviral to prevent transmission of the virus from the mother to the newborn.Anti tuberculosis drugs are also dispensed to relevant patients on clinic days. Eligibility: HIV and TB positive patients. Newborns of HIV positive mothers. Any Patients exposed to HIV.